Redpack Ecoexpress

Redpack Ecoexpress

Redpack is a professional courier service which delivers parcels from one part of the world to another. It offers both national and international level services, with the delivery time varying according to the locations. As far as the reliability of the firm is concerned, Redpack is one of the best across the globe and is known for its fast and reliable services. Redpack Ecoexpress allows an affordable delivery package with a relaxed time duration period.

Although the parcel you receive will be a little later than the average time period, you will be charged less for that too. Such types of deliveries are opted when you don’t require something urgently and can wait for some time.

Redpack Ecoexpress Delivery

The package will arrive within 48 to 96 working hours, which isn’t much from the average time period. Maximum weight which the parcel must be of is 70 kg, which is the ultimate limit. In order to track the parcel, it is essential that you enter all your tracking credentials at Doing so will provide you a clear idea about your shipment details and about when your parcel will probably arrive.

What’s best about the company is its fast and efficient customer support service which replies to your queries and problems within a very minimum time period. In case you are looking for any discount, make sure that you check all their available features in order to get one. Redpack Ecoexpress offers a metropolitan delivery which will cover all your couriers within the same country. There is nothing that Redpack doesn’t provide and so is the hype of it.

Parcel Requirements

The parcel you send should have a maximum dimension of 80×80×80 cm and not more than that. Also, it must be kept into account that the packaging is good and done with some stiff hardboard material. No losses or other disruptions occur during the process and the safety of your parcel is highly guaranteed. All sustainability factors are kept into account and people who tend to opt for green ways should definitely take this service into consideration.

Courier service is very customer friendly and all the details can be changed later on as per your requirements. This feature makes it quite flexible and a go to for millions of Mexicans living in the country. Also, Redpack Mexico offers an application of its own which you can utilize to track the Redpack Ecoexpress delivery. 

Reliability of Redpack Ecoexpress 

One of the best parts of the company is the fact that they tend to keep everything transparent and clear, without charging any hidden fee. Also, Saturday delivery packages are offered by Redpack which work within the country. All the details regarding delivery information are included in the package along with transport insurance.

No such case of parcels being lost is reported as such since the company takes special care of all the stuff. Even if any inconvenience happens, make sure that you report everything to the customer support service present. All your issues will be resolved within a few minutes. 

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