Redpack Rastreo

Couldn’t find a medium of tracking your shipment from Redpack Rastreo . Well, here you go then. Just enter the tracking number which you received in the order details or it can be found on the receipt. Once you enter the tracking number, the tool below will show you the current status of your shipment. One should track their shipment, if it is late than ever. Use Redpack Customer Service if you have any issues with the shipment.

Redpack Rastreo 

If you sell products and ship them through Redpack, you might have to check the status of a lot of shipments. Therefore, for your ease, we have come up with the Redpack Rastreo engine, where you can track your shipment in bulk and it’s free. We do not limit the number of queries. If you face any kind of problem while checking the status of your shipment, then you can email us. However, if the recipient does not receive the package and you see the “delivered” status, then you must talk to the Redpack’s representative by calling at 55-3682-4040.

How to get a quote of your shipment?

Worried about how much it will cost to send your parcel? There’s no need to worry now as Redpack, on their official website, allows customers to get a quote of their shipment. Users just need to enter the details of the parcel. It asks whether you want to send your parcel out of the territory or within the territory. Some more details are required such as if you want to send a package or it is going to be an envelope and of course the zip codes of both the locations (Pick up and destination) are asked.

Redpack National Services

Here are some of the few services which Redpack offers within the territory.


This is the most famous and the most used service of Redpack Rastreo as it can be used for all types of small packages and documents which need to be delivered in time. The Best thing about Redpack Express is the pick up feature. You don’t have to go to the service center to drop your package. Just place an order on the website and your package will be picked up by Redpack from your doorstep (home, office or any other place). The delivery time of Express is maximum 48 hours. So, if you are in a hurry to send your package, then Repack’s Express is for you!


Ecoexpress is another service offered by Redpack. It is just as same as the Express Service but with more delivery time and low rates. Ecoexpress is best for someone who doesn’t want to send their documents or packages urgently. If you choose Ecoexpress, your parcel will be delivered within 2 to 5 business days or you can say within a week. This is the reason, this service costs you a lot less than Express where you can get your package delivered within 48 hours.


Now, this is another specific service offered by Redpack but it is only offered in the boundaries of the main cities of the mexico. Wondering what’s the use of it? It is highly recommendable to use if you want to deliver the light packages or important documents from one place to another place within the city. Redpack uses bikes in Metropolitan service, so that your documents may reach the destination in no time. The maximum delivery time is 3 days but usually an avg package gets delivered within a day.

Redpack International Services

redpack servicio al cliente offers services outside the territory of Mexico. Redpack’s International service is not just like another normal service as it includes beyond 220 countries and also helps in all the documentation and process which is required in the import or export and customs clearance. Not only this, Redpack also advises you in the process of international shipment to keep away from future problems. If you are working on a B2C model, then Redpack’s international services can be of great use as they offer door to door service.

Here are a few of the international services offered by Redpack.

Courier Services

This international service by Redpack is recommended and mostly used for sending the documents to another country. The weight should not be more than 2 KGs. Redpack Tracking also states that the document which you want to ship should not have any commercial value. 

Parcel Services

Where courier services are only for documents, parcel services are for the packages with the weight upto 68 KGs. If you want to send something, which has a lot of weight, then Redpack’s international parcel services are for you. The delivery time is not more than 4 days, which is fast to be honest. In few of the countries, you can use this service on saturday by paying more charges than normal.

Ecoexpress U.S.

Need to get something delivered in the United States or you have a lot of customers there? Don’t worry as Repack’s Ecoexpress U.S. service allows you to send whatever you want to with the weight upto 30 KGs. The shipping will be done by roads and not by air. That is why, this service has the most economical rates that you ever had. Another good thing about ground shipping is that you will not have to pay for VAT. This service also offers a pick up feature, so leave all the hurdles to Redpack.

International Cargo

Redpack cares for your business and that is why, an International Cargo service is introduced for those who want to send goods weighing more than 68 KGs. The shipment will be done by air and there are 3 types of services to choose from: Door-to-Door, Door-to-Airport, and Airport-to-Airport. International Cargo Service by Redpack also offers a temporary storage to keep your packages or goods safe until they reach their final destination. Redpack will send you the proof of delivery electronically when your shipment reaches its final destination.

Why Choose Redpack?

Why would you choose Redpack? Just in the name of good service? No. So, let’s explore what Redpack has to offer you.


A customer will always want to send their parcel in time with safety and that too with lowest prices. Redpack offers upto 40% discount in partnership with other companies. The prices of Redpack are already the lowest in town and imagine getting about half a discount on the actual price. Who would want to miss this? No one. 

Same Day Deliveries

Sometimes, we forget to send something in time or sometimes there’s an urgent situation. So, to cope up with this situation, Redpack Rastreo specially offers this same day delivery service to the customers who want to send their parcels to the desired location on the same day. Of course, this will cost more than the normal service but it will be worth using.

Reduce Delivery Cost

You might be thinking that how can there be a way to reduce the delivery cost when you cannot reduce the weight of the product. You can actually reduce the delivery cost, given no matter what the weight is. We as customers always do the wrong packing for the products we want to ship. Big packing means more space and more space means more money you will have to pay. So, you only have to do the right packing according to the size of the product and that’s it. 

Best Logistics Company

Doing business in Mexico and facing hurdles in transportation? Well, Every other businesses like E Commerce mainly face problems while delivering their product with safety and reliability. Redpack, a Mexican company, is taking these kinds of problems away from you. This courier service company, established in 1994 has a lot more to offer to its customers rather than just moving the goods in the country.

Redpack has been known for the best business model in case of logistics. It is a part of a big company named Traxion. Traxion is the most prime company in Mexico which is famous for transport and logistics related business, while Redpack is mainly focused on the E commerce side. The main mission of the Redpack company is to evolve the business of E commerce within the country. 

Experience matters a lot, right? You can trust Redpack due to its experience of 27 years of providing the best services in the country. This Logistics company always works with excellent execution plans for the welfare of their customers.

Structure of the Redpack

With more than 1600 employees, 7 centers, 113 operative stations, 860 vehicles (increasing), 400 service points (increasing), 18000 zip codes, 56 road routes and 86 air routes, this company has been giving phenomenal services of mobility and logistics. All this centralized system enables Redpack to provide reliable services to their customers and that too at economical prices. 

What does Redpack Rastreo want?

What would a courier services related company want? Obviously, they would want to see themselves at the top in the names of the best courier and parcel company. Redpack’s only vision is to maintain their standards in lowest prices, which indirectly means profit to the customers. The vision does not end here as Redpack is also working for the innovation of the company to meet the future needs of the customers. On the other hand, if we talk about the mission of this parcel company, then we can say that Redpack is fulfilling their only missions by providing solutions to their customers or the businesses who are facing hurdles in transporting their goods.

Standards of Redpack

  • The standard of the service matters a lot in this kind of business and Repack is bound to give you the best services in terms of mobility and logistics being economical for their users.
  • Dynamism is what makes a logistics company successful. Repack’s employees are always full of energy and the company allows them to put their new ideas and report what the customers have to say about their company. In this way, they can reconsider their operating rules and make their service better.
  • Talking about the benefits of teamwork seems useless. Obviously, providing transportation services only results in good if there is good teamwork between the employees at every department.
  • Commitment is what mostly customers keep their eye on. Redpack has always been successful in their commitments. Commitments normally include the shipping time and safety of the products.
  • Honesty of the employees while transporting the goods is too much necessary for the safe shipment. Employees at Redpack are honest in shipping the goods and taking care of the goods.

What does Redpack do for their Employees?

Employees are the most important part of an organization and without them,you can not think of starting a business. When employees bring good business, they should also be given something in return. Redpack cares a lot for their employees. They do not just give the rewards in exchange for their services but also care for all their health issues. A 24 hours service of medical care is provided to not only the employees but also to their families. This cuts out any expense related to the medical. Psychological Guidance facility is also offered to the employees in the time of need.

Well, that was not it. Repack is also working on a mission of collecting the plastic caps. These plastic caps are supplied to organizations who are working to battle against cancer. Plastic caps are very useful in manufacturing medical supplies or other things of alike. So, if we say that Redpack has been placed among the super companies in 2020 by Grupo Expansión, then you should not doubt that.

Awards and Certifications

A goods transporting company is only known as best if it delivers the goods very efficiently. Redpack has the best drivers and policies. That is why, this company has faced less accidents than any other transporting company. Due to this record, Redpack has been awarded with the National Road Safety Award. ANTP stated that Repack has caused no accidents on the roads or highways. All the credit goes to the policy makers of the company and the drivers of course who do their duty honestly. 

Information of the customers is the most important thing which needs to be kept safe. Redpack does not even fail here and that is why it has received a certification for being a company that keeps the records and information of their customers safe. Leaks of information can create a disaster. 

Final Words About Mexico Redpack Rastreo

Redpack Rastreo is now more easy with (Sitename). Each and every step is mentioned about how you can do the shipment tracking. If you cannot find the tracking number, then here’s an example: 27857821. Find this type of number in your shipment details and enter that number above to get the Redpack shipment status right away.